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Pilates Classes

Intelligent Exercise – Incredible Results. The workout everyone is talking about….

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a highly effective way to shape up, slim down and feel great; it emphasizes movement quality, posture and breathing for a safe, challenging and revitalizing workout.

With an emphasis on breath, core conditioning and body awareness, PILATES exercise is a safe and highly effective way to stretch, strengthen and streamline your body without building bulk or stressing your joints. Performed on a mat or specialized equipment, PILATES is a fitness regime for a lifetime. The perfect complement to cardiovascular exercise, sport, rehab and life,  PILATES exercises will leave you looking toned, feeling revitalized and moving with ease.

Who can do Pilates?

Pilates is perfect for all ages; and even for those just starting to exercise, for high-level athletes, or for those somewhere in between.  The foundation of Pilates movement applies to you and your body focusing on core/overall body strengthening, proper alignment, and the mind-body connection making it accessible for all ages and fitness levels.

What are the Benefits of Pilates?

  • Stronger, longer, leaner muscles
  • Relief of pain and tension
  • Increased circulation
  • Enhanced sports performance
  • Flatter abdominal and better posture
  • Increased flexibility, agility and mobility
  • Core stability and body balance
  • Greater mind-body awareness
Pilates Class

Private Sessions

  • 1 session: $60
  • Feel a Difference (10 Sessions): $550
  • See a Difference (20 Sessions): $1000

Semi-private Training

  • $35 per Session

Group Class Rates

  • 1 hour session: $20/session
  • 1 session per week: $75/month
  • 2 sessions per week: $150/month
  • 3 sessions per week: $225/month
Pilates Class
Pilates Class

Bodhi Pilates

A form of Pilates using ropes to create four points of suspension. Bodhi focuses on improving overall strength, stabilization, balance, proprioception, and flexibility.

Pilates Class