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Body Treatments

Decrease tension. Increase relaxation.

Head Over Heels

 New Service!

Decompress, unwind, and melt away your stress with this ‘head to toe’ 50-minute escape that includes acupressure massage and reflexology of the face, head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, calves, and feet, as well as a hot-water mineral foot soak.  Reflexology and acupressure promote deep relaxation and can reduce anxiety, fatigue, pain, and nerve sensitivity while improving circulation, sleep, energy, flexibility, and elimination of toxins.

  • 50 minutes… $42
  • Extra Minutes…$15

    Healing and Firming Body Envelopment

    For your body from the neck down, this treatment works to give your skin back a youthful glow. The skin is cleansed thoroughly by removing dead skin cells and refreshing its appearance with our hydrating products.

    • 60 minutes… $85

    The Revolutionary Alpha Spa Machine

    This treatment cleanses the skin and beautifies the complexion, promotes perspiration and detoxification, reduces water retention, enhances relaxation and relief from stress, soothes sore muscles, increases metabolism, promotes better sleep, burns calories equivalent to brisk walking, increases blood circulation, relieves aches and pains, increases the effectiveness of masques\wraps.

    • 30 minutes…. $40
    • 45 minutes…. $50
    Tub for hydrotone thermal body therapy

    Aquatic Hydrotherapy Tub

    Relax, restore, and refresh while 111 powerful jets of warm water and air massage your body from neck to feet. Hydrotherapy promotes relaxation and pain relief, improves sleep habits, reduces stress, and soothes overworked muscles. This treatment also lowers blood pressure and improves circulation.

    • 30 minutes…. $40
    • 45 minutes…. $50
    Revolutionary Alpha Spa Machine at Serenity

    Ion Detox Foot Bath

    A foot bath treatment that purifies, promotes balance, and boosts immunity.

    • 30 minutes…. $35
    • 3 visit package….$90

    Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

    Emitting three infrared wavelengths independently. The full spectrum infrared sauna promotes weight loss and increased metabolism, temporary muscle pain relief, better sleep, detoxification, appearances of cellulite, ease joint pain\stiffness, stress\fatigue reduction, improves skin and so much more.

    Private                                       $35/per session
    Semi-Private                            $25/per session
    1 Session per week                $75/month  
    2 Sessions per week             $150/month
    Semi-private (2 people)      $25/person per session
    Unlimited Monthly Membership: $150/month (One time per day/45 minutes maximum)

    Full Body Waxing

    Get rid of that unwanted hair leaving your skin smooth, silky, and even.

    Brows $12|  Nose $12| Lower Legs $35 |Back $40

    Lip $10 |Ears $12 |Upper Legs $40 |Chest $40 

    Brows/Lip $20 |Full Face $30+ |Full Legs $65 |Fingers/Toes $6

    Chin $10+ |Underarms $18| Basic Bikini $30 |Tummy Trail $6

    Brows/Lips/Chin $28| Half Arms $20 |French $38| Inner Thigh $12 

    Sides of Face $10| Full Arms $35| Brazilian $50