We Accept Most Insurances

We offer a 30% discount if you are paying Cash Out of Pocket, those with high deductible insurance plans and those opting out of their HMO’s (see cash discounts below). We accept most insurances at our standard rates. We also accept auto insurance, attorney liens and cash pay.

We stand behind our high quality services, and also extend discounts and waivers to those undergoing financial hardship situations. We offer payment plan options to make care more affordable. Call to find out more information (478) 453-0041 


Initial Exam (97161)
Includes exam, education, self-care, home exercises
Fees: $150-Discount Rate: $105
Re-evaluation (97002)
Includes progress note, self and home care
Fees: $100-Discount Rate: $70
Pressure-Point Release (97140)
Reduces spasm and pain, enhances tissue normalization
Fees: $50-Discount Rate: $35
Soft-tissue mobilization (97140)
Reduces scar tissue and enhances circulation
Fees: $50-Discount Rate: $35
Joint Mobilization (97140)
Improves range of motion and balanced movement
Fees: $50-Discount Rate: $35
Biomechanical Correction (97530)
Re-establishes healthy body movement to reduce pain and improve functional performance
Fees: $60-Discount Rate: $42
Therapeutic Exercise (97110)
Improves strength, endurance, range of motion and flexibility
Fees: $50-Discount Rate: $35
Therapeutic Activities (97530)
Use of dynamic activities to improve and restore healthy movement and normal function
Fees: $60-Discount Rate: $42
Sensory Integration (97533)
Sensory integrative techniques to enhance sensory processing and promote adaptive responses to environmental demands
Fees: $60-Discount Rate: $42
Neuromuscular Re-education (97112)
Re-trains muscles to normal function, balance, coordination, posture and proprioception
Fees: $60-Discount Rate: $42
Heat or Ice (97010)
Ice helps to reduce inflammation by effecting blood vessels
Fees: $10-Discount Rate: $7
Mechanical Traction (97012)
Relieves pressure off spinal joints
Fees: $25-Discount Rate: $17.50
Electrical Stimulation (97014)
Stimulates the reduction of pain and spasm
Fees: $20-Discount Rate: $14
Gait Training (97116)
Improves walking and stair climbing
Fees: $60-Discount Rate: $42
Paraffin (97018)
Stimulates circulation and tissue elasticity
Fees: $20-Discount Rate: $14
Tape + Service (97139)
Promotes joint and postural alignment and stability
Fees: $25-Discount Rate: $17.50