Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage

Decreased tension, heart rate and blood pressure.  Soothes your nerves, releases toxins by increased flow of blood and lymph fluid.  Heightens relaxation and sense of well being.

Sports Massage

A deep tissue technique consisting of brisk movement, focusing on sports related injuries and tight muscles.

Neuromuscular Massage

Focusing on stimulating nerve patterns to relieve pain and tension in problem areas such as pinched nerves.

Deep Tissue Massage

Penetrates deepest layers of muscles into connections of tendons and ligaments to bones and around joints.  Excellent benefits in joint mobility.

30 minutes…. $50
45 minutes.… $60
60 minutes…. $70
90 minutes…. $100

Heated Stone Massage

Smooth round river rocks, heated to 140°, coated with oil are used on aching muscles to permeate and ease with solid warmth.

60 minutes…. $80
90 minutes…. $110

Specialized Massage

Targets specific area.

15 minutes…. $25